Our Waterfront is Amazing!

Wednesday, May 05, 2021 - By: Baya I, Hope ‘23

Oh, the days when it’s so hot and sunny we can jump into the ocean! Those are an incredible luxury we wholeheartedly embrace when it’s nice out! Spring term on the Brentwood campus is filled with excitement. Students are outside enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we can! Our waterfront is an especially popular spot to spend their free time when it’s sunny out.

During the last few weeks our weather has been ideal for swimming and everyone on campus has been taking advantage of the lifeguarded swim times. Students put on their swimsuits and bring their towels down in front of the Ross Building to lie in the sun or run around and go swimming. "What I like most about the waterfront is swimming on hot days with my friends in Privett House,” says Jagre K, ‘23. Our school has hired lifeguards for scheduled times on sunny days where anyone can go swimming in the ocean! “The waterfront is an amazing place to spend our time after sport; jumping in the ocean is always an adventure” said Abby W, Hope ‘23. While we spend time on the waterfront, we get a view of the breathtaking Mt. Baker across the water and some of our ‘Beautiful British Columbia.’

In addition to being used by students in their spare time, the waterfront is also used daily by outdoor pursuits (ODP) and rowing. When they aren’t white water kayaking, hiking, or climbing, ODP is out there on sports day kayaking in any and all weather conditions. They kayak all the way out to and past Verdier Point (to the right) and Whisky Point (to the left). Our Brentwood rowers also use the waterfront when the coastal conditions are good. They launch their boats off the Brentwood docks and row up and down what we like to call “The White Line” (it’s a line of buoys along the coast of Mill Bay) or south to the Mill Bay Ferry terminal.

May we have lots more sunny weather in the weeks to come!

Baya I, Hope ‘23

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