Our Journey To The Jungle

Monday, November 26, 2018 - By: Ella D, ‘23: Photo by Jim Ganley

Everyone in the Grade 8 classroom was ecstatic when we started our first steps to creating an outstanding musical, “The Jungle Book”. It all started with Ms Blake teaching us our first dance, “The Bear Necessities.” 

Leading up to the day of the auditions, everyone was giving it their all to try and perfect their audition so they could get the lead they were hoping for. Mr Newns and Mrs Patel were looking for people who were confident and had a “big voice”. The lead roles ended up being Jensa NG as the panther Bagheera, Davis P as the curious man-cub Mowgli, and Ty D as the big bear Baloo. 

It took a while for everyone to completely remember all of their lines, and for everyone to start singing all of the songs with a loud and proud voice. In the end, everyone studied their lines, and practiced their songs, making the musical very close to perfect. 

The last thing we needed to make the musical flawless were the costumes. As soon as we received our costumes, we started rehearsals on stage. The stage was full of monkeys, elephants, and wolves. It was the last thing we needed to truly make our musical outstanding. 

Our first show was on November 21st at 10:00am. It was a matinee for hundreds of local elementary school students. As the curtains opened, and we saw the bright, smiling faces of the six year olds in the first two rows, we knew that we wanted to put on the best show they had ever seen. 

We would like to give a huge thanks to Ms Blake for all her choreography, Mr Newns for helping out with our singing voices, Mrs Smith for creating all our amazing costumes, Fabiana G for giving up her free time to help us, Mr Armitage and his theatre production team for doing lights and sound for us, and, of course, Mrs Patel and Ms Ramundi for their ongoing encouragement. 

Ella D, ‘23

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