Our Greek Cultural and Competition Experience

Thursday, August 31, 2017 - By: Lulu J, Allard ‘19; Photo by John E, Ellis '17

In mid-July, 15 Brentwood students were given the great opportunity to travel to Greece and compete in this year’s World Scholar’s Cup Global Round in Athens. The days when we were not competing, we got acquainted with Greek culture and its history.

We took it easy on the first day, with a half day tour around the city. We visited the Plaka, an old historical neighborhood, rich in local shops and lovely outdoor cafes, and the Acropolis, including the Parthenon standing high for millennia looking out over all of Athens.

Finally, the tournament began and nerves were at their peak. Our four-day World Scholar's Cup experience began with team scavenger hunts around Athens. Sandwiched between the two most entertaining days was the heart of the Scholar’s Cup competition. Teams from Brentwood and other schools participated in collaborative writing and a Scholar’s challenge followed by team debates and the Scholar’s Bowl on the third day. After rigorous competing and accomplishing what we studied for, we and other delegations attended a cultural fair and a Scholar’s Ball. Thankfully, we, along with other schools from across the world, created memories that are unforgettable. On the final day, saying goodbye to the friends we made was no easy task.

With such an enjoyable trip, it is to be expected that there were many highlights. An honourable mention was the three-island tour we went on to the islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. We also travelled to Mycenae, site of the height of Greek culture one thousand years before the classical age of Athens, which was 600 BC.

Undoubtedly, the absolutely greatest moment that made the whole experience worth it was when all 15 of Brentwood’s teams qualified for the Tournament of Champions held at Yale University this coming November, doing so by placing first and second teams in debate for the entire tournament. Our many thanks go to Mr. Bryant and Ms. Steele-MacInnis, as this trip would not have been possible without their efforts, dedication, and loyalty to our debate program.

Lulu J, Allard ‘19

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