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Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - By: Phoebe Habkirk, House Captain, 19

It been another excellent year for Hope House where we’ve shown Brentwood just how busy we can be! Working hard to keep good averages, going to provincials, performing for the school, rowing in regattas, making art, joining clubs, travelling the world for debate, interhouse events - the list goes on. It’s a good thing that Hope has sixty-five energetic and hardworking ladies to meet all of Brentwood’s demands. After all of that, they still have the spirit to go to the open house on Saturday night.

How was it that mere months ago our orientation assistants (and Marina) were setting up for all the girls to arrive? I can hardly remember what it was like without all our new girls roaming the halls. Orientation was a blur of introducing ourselves to each face we saw: I must have scared a few parents just short of bringing their kids back with them with my over-eager "Hello!" Every girl brings something to the house, we would not be the same if we lacked any one of you. I love each one of you for being so undeniably you; please never change.

Though this house has some of the strongest and most enthusiastic girls I’ve ever met, we couldn’t have done it by ourselves. So on behalf of my house, I would like to thank each member of our Hope staff, for the time and effort that seems never-ending. Every week Ms Hedquist, Mr DeSandoli, Mrs Sun, Mrs Martin, Mrs Amiel, Ms Hall, and Ms Bell bless us with their support and love. Thank you to Ms Hedquist from talking us down off our ledges, and for being our acting mom. Thanks to Mr DeSandoli for his perfect sense of dad humour and genuine caring. To every other member of the duty staff, we thank you infinitely. Thank you for always being able to be in two places at once, for understanding and for being there for us.

Phoebe Habkirk, House Captain, 19

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