One Hour Full of Wood

Saturday, November 09, 2019 - By: Leo M, Ellis ‘23

Woodworking is my favourite art. It's perfect to be creative and to just implement your thoughts.

The course takes place in the basement floor of the Arts building. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon we start the class with the teachers, Mr. Parent and Ms. Ramsey who have thoughts and tricks to build something. Afterward an introduction, everyone moves to grab their stuff and start working. It is fascinating to see how everybody is so focused and working with passion on their idea for their project.

The project we are on right now is building a useful construction out of wood, but one not bigger than you can carry in your hands. It is so cool to see the progress all of us are making - as well as the final results. The variety of things you can build are amazing. You see students construct a sword or a multi-drawer. “I love building different things out of just a block of wood” commented Nick C, Ellis ‘22.

Although it can get really loud in the woodworking-machine room, especially when the machines all clatter at the same time, everyone stays focussed thanks to the strong ear protection. There are a bunch of helpful tools such as handsaws, clamps and sandpaper: when you need something the teachers will give them to you. Also, if you need a specific type of wood, they get it for you as fast as possible. And there are really a lot of different kinds and they all have diverse characteristics: hardwood, softwood, oak, cherry, cedar and pine.

Woodworking also has some dangerous sides. Since we’re working with electrical cutting saws, for instance a table saw and a bevel saw, it is, of course, possible to cut yourself, but because the teachers tell us all of the safety things to consider when using the machine and also in case your hand comes close to the blade the machine will abruptly stop running, it is almost impossible to hurt yourself.

When the class is coming to its end the jobs for cleaning get called out and everybody helps purge the machine room. After an hour of hard and focused work, we get dismissed. I could go on working.

I really recommend this art for students who like to unfold their creativity and want to construct something with their own hands. Like I already announced, there are tons of things you can build and if you need help, the teachers provide it. “Woodworking has really no limitations to what you can create and if you are not comfortable with the tools, the teacher is always helpful. It is just a great course and anyone can do it. I really like it” enthused Gregorio B, Ellis ‘22.

Leo M, Ellis ‘23

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