On Tour

Friday, April 05, 2013 -

While most of us, Brentwood students and faculty alike, enjoyed the last two weeks relaxing and recharging in preparation for an eventful Spring term, a special group of faculty and staff dedicated the bulk of their March Break leading tours to exotic locales.

The Rowing Tour to Southern California took 33 athletes to Long Beach and Newport Beach where they competed in a regatta and trained for 10 days. This trip was made possible by the selfless services of Mrs. Sage, Mr. Carr, Mr. Wismer, Ms. Willow, Mr. Norwood & Mr. Featherstone.

The Rugby Tour to France featured great training, competition, French cuisine, local culture and je ne sais quo? This was made possible by the organization and leadership of Mr. Healy, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Griffiths and the special services of Dr. Jean-Marie Wilson, Brentwood parent and emergency room physician, who tended to the boys’ bumps and bruises.

A special thank you to these dedicated faculty, staff and parents who made these incredible experiences possible.    

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