On Their Last Links? Old vs Young

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - By: Lucas K, Whittall ‘22, Golf Captain

Last Thursday, Brentwood’s golfers went up against some of the staff’s best golfers in a series of matches with the winners earning bragging rights. The event is called the John Garvey Cup, named after longtime golf coach Mr Garvey who made a return to the event this year and ended up winning his match while playing some phenomenal golf!

The matches for this year’s tournament included myself and Ned B, Privett ‘23 taking on Mr Barrett and Mr Robinson; Fabian H and Will P, Whittall ‘22 against Mr Ameil and Mr Gage; Liam M and Ishan V, Ellis ‘21 against Mr Burton and Mr Carr; Feury K and Ryangwon K, Whittall ‘21 taking on Mr McPherson and Mr Warner; Justine C and Grace D, Alex ‘22 against Colin W and TCH; Ben Z and Perry F, Privett 21/22 against Mrs Desloges and Mr Sheffield; Ben M and Taiyo T, Whittall 22/23 taking on Mr Cowie and Mr Garvey; and Maxine P, Alex ‘23 and Rowland L, Rogers ‘22 against Mr Warner and Mr Stevens.

The match of the week included Knight brothers Gavyn and Jagre, Privett ‘22/23 going up against Mr Barrett and Mr Sullivan. This match was so big that it actually had to be moved to a different day and was the only eighteen hole match throughout the entire tournament. P.S. It was actually moved because both Jagre and Gavyn had golf lessons on Thursday.

There were two staff members who played more than one match due to some unfortunate circumstances. They were Mr Barrett and Head Coach of the Golf team, Mr Warner. Mr Barrett recalls the event as “one of the highlights of the year for me with the event being the perfect balance of fun and competition.” Mr Warner says that “It was a beautiful Island afternoon at Cowichan Golf Club where despite losing the first two matches to the students, the staff participants in the afternoon matches rallied in this Ryder Cup-style event.”

The event ended up resulting in a tie for the first time ever with the students and staff both finishing with four and a half out of a possible nine points that were up for grabs. As a result of the draw, the students, as the defending champions, get the pleasure of holding on to the John Garvey Cup for yet another year!

Lucas K, Whittall ‘22, Golf Captain

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