On the Water

Sunday, April 30, 2017 - By: Madeleine B, Hope ‘19; Photo by Seo Young R, Alex '17

Strong winds and low tides have caused many delays at this year’s regatta, but fortunately we got in over 80 races Saturday and are hoping conditions improve.

As a new rower this year, this was my first Brentwood Regatta. In my short time rowing, I’ve noticed how intense a sport it is, so naturally there was lots of competition on the water. Lots of people here have been rowing for a while and are really invested in their rowing careers. Although there have been some delays this year, I was lucky enough to participate in some races Saturday morning.

Rowing isn’t like a regular sport such as track or tennis with a set track/arena. The course is different almost every time. Whether you’re rowing on the ocean or in a lake, you’re going to have to adapt to your new conditions everywhere you go. Things such as where to dock your boat, the warm-up area, the start and finish line are all crucial things to know before going into your race. 

At the Brentwood Regatta, the start line and warm-up area are 1.5 kilometers up the coast. Every crew loads their boat on the Brentwood waterfront, then they make their way up to the starting dock. It’s  smart to get up there 20-25 minutes before your race to give your crew some time to warm up. With races coming and going every seven minutes, along with numerous coach boats driving around, the wake at the start dock gets a little crazy. So on days with strong winds, it’s best to hold off until the wind calms down so the rowers do not get overwhelmed. 

Once the crews are done warming up on the water, they line up in their lane at the dock five minutes before the race. This way, the rowers have extra time to adjust the boat before they race. When all boats are straightened out and ready to go, the announcer will list all crews and say “GO!”. 

Then the excitement really begins.

Madeleine B, Hope ‘19

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