On the Third Day of St. Cat’s…

Friday, May 31, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21; Photo by Brian Carr

The first day of races came, filled with the excitement and adrenaline of hundreds of the country’s best athletes. While several seniors kicked off their final regatta today, the grand majority of races that Brentwood participated in were rowed by junior crews. 

To kick off the day, the Jr Boys 4+ started Brentwood’s climb to the top by winning their heat, leaving them with the 6th fasted time going into tomorrow’s semifinals. 

The Jr Girls 4+ had a solid race, coming up seconds short, and missing their trip to the semis by one place. Despite being slightly disappointed, the girls were very happy with the way they rowed, and are preparing excitedly for their race in the 8+ tomorrow afternoon. Jocelyn L & Sasha K had a good race in their Jr 2x finishing with the 9th fastest time of 30 entries and moving on to the semis.

Our two Senior Girls distinguished themselves. Allulah-Beth C handily won her heat in the 1x and teammed up with Zoe M to place second to advance both boats to Saturday.

The Senior Boys 4 of Karl D, Max H, Thomas L, Axel E and coxie Anne HL placed second in their heat and were one of five crews within three seconds of each other just under seven minutes. That will make for some exciting racing tomorrow. Speaking of exciting racing, Jesse H & Ethan S had the fastest time of the day in the Sr 2x - though several other heat winners were within a handful of second.

The Sr Boys 66kg 4x - a boat in which every seat was filled by a Grade 10 - missed out on the semifinals by a mere two seconds. “It didn’t feel like a bad race. We were up against some pretty tough competition, but it felt okay” said Nate P and Anthony B, Rogers ’21. 

Ben Z, Privett ’21 and Ryan P, Ellis ’21 who were both contributing members to the underaged Senior 66kg 4x also raced a 2x earlier today. Considering that the Sr. Lwt 2x is one of the most competitive events in rowing, the boys were happy with the way they rowed. 

Tomorrow: More to come from the senior women’s, and men’s program, while the junior girls and boys battle through their races in the 8s and the 4+. Max H and Thomas L will take on the Sr Men’s 2 as Mr. Carr hollers at them from shore.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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