On the Road Again!

Thursday, October 06, 2011 -

The 2011-2012 academic year is off to a fantastic start. The autumn colors are already upon us and the cooler air gives notice that another school year has begun.  At this time each year, Admissions Directors and their staff begin their recruitment tours for next year. These often include participating in school fairs across Asia, through South America and Europe, meeting with consultants and families in various cities around the world, and generally ‘spreading the word’ about their schools.

This year Brentwood has again been invited to Saudi Arabia to participate in the Aramco Fair. I will be spending a week there and, since I will be in the region, it gives me the chance to visit with families in the UAE , Israel and Qatar. I will also participate in the Canadian Accredited Independent School (CAIS) fairs in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul.  Finally, I will be visiting 3 cities in Germany (Munich, Cologne and Hamburg) to continue to develop relationships with the many families in Europe who are interested in Canadian boarding schools.

As my peers would attest, Admissions travel is one big blur; one city, one airport and one hotel after another. To be honest, it is the living out of one suitcase for that long that is the most challenging!  But it is important because students and their families will travel great distances to be at our school and I feel that it is only fair that we have a global presence. There is genuine appreciation amongst the families I meet about the effort made on their behalf.

In the winter, North American markets will be our focus and we plan to be in many cities and towns across western Canada and the USA.  To keep track of where and when we will be in specific locations, please click here.

Time away from my family is hard, but it makes it easier seeing familiar faces in the cities I visit. I hope to meet many of you along the way.

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