Oktoberfest in Brentwood

Saturday, October 05, 2019 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘20

While Oktoberfest is currently taking place in Munich, in my home country of Germany, Brentwood College School organized a German Day on Wednesday, October 2. Crooks Hall had been decorated in the Bavarian-German style for this purpose. As always at the International days at Brentwood, many things revolved around Germany on Wednesday.

After a traditional German breakfast, lunch consisted of a famous German wiener schnitzel with potato salad and a pretzel. For the big German dinner in the evening, we had a typical German meal: a currywurst with french fries, alongside a cucumber salad served on the side, and for dessert apple strudel with vanilla ice cream.

‘“It was interesting to get to know German food. The currywurst was very tasty and I always enjoy getting introduced to new food cultures through the international dinner’’ said Chris S, Privett ‘20 reflecting on the day.

Chris was one of many students who enjoyed German Day. Among them was also a large number of German students who were very surprised that Brentwood gave the other students the opportunity to get to know German food better. One of these German students, Johannes H, Privett ‘20 also reflected: “I was pleasantly surprised that the school organized something like this for their students. I was also very enthusiastic about the quality of the food and felt at home during the meal. I also liked the fact that the dining hall was decorated in a German style.”

Brentwood organizes international days several times a year to affiliate students to different food cultures. The German Day was the second International Day in 2019 after Saudi Arabia Day in mid-September.

As a student from Germany, I praise the organizing committee for this event. I think it was a great success and many students got to experience a small taste of the German culture through this well-planned culinary event.

Ben H, Privett ‘20

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