Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Sunday, November 16, 2014 - By: Mr. Brian Carr

The Brentwood Saturday morning routine of three academic classes sometimes gets adjusted because of other activities that take students away from the classroom. In my two Geography 12 classes last Saturday the Grade 11s were at the Mental Health Day Awareness, Grade 12 SPARC members were helping out, and others were writing SAT’s, at the field hockey provincials, a volleyball tournament, or racing at Rowing Canada’s National Championships in Victoria.

So with only eight of the twenty students in both sets of my Geography 12 classes, I decided to give the students some enrichment. I invited 2013 grads, Samantha Johnston and Jacqueline Pigeon to come and speak about their experiences after high school. 

Jacqueline is in second year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and Samantha is in first year at the University of Victoria. Samantha left a week after graduation to spend a GAP year at Pymble Ladies College in Sydney, Australia while Jacqueline has travelled extensively in Asia and Europe during and after Brentwood.

Thank you to Jacqueline and Samantha for giving up their Saturday morning to come and speak to my students and give them some ideas about post-secondary life.

Mr. Brian Carr

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