October Sports Review

Wednesday, November 02, 2016 - By: Mr. Blake Gage

Bruno C. and Alejandro G. vs GISS

As you may know, things are never dull in the world of Brentwood Athletics. In the first term we place a heavy emphasis on team sport. There is no better way to get to know your peers, and lessons learned from playing on a team last a lifetime. It is easy to see the benefits of working closely together towards specific goals in both practice and competition, as we learn to work hard, respect and partner with our teammates and coaches, and balance our sport with the other commitments in our lives. That said, team sport is also all about building relationships, and thus, sport can serve as a real asset as we welcome students from all around the world into our school first term.  The times our kids spend together in the locker room, on the bus or at the hotel are often the moments they remember and cherish the most.  These are the stories we share for a lifetime.  

For our Senior Girls Field Hockey team, who are now off to the provincial championships, I know this season has been filled with such moments. The girls are coming off an excellent performance at the Islands where they earned a hard fought silver medal and are going into the provincial tournament ranked # 6 in the province.  We know the girls will fight hard each and every moment and I am sure will come away with some wonderful memories. Our Junior Girls Field Hockey team has also had some excellent results and recently finished third at a very competitive tournament in Nanaimo.

Our other competitive teams have been achieving similar success. The Junior Boys Soccer team rolled through league play coming first in the Mid-island division and have hosted the Island Championship at Brentwood finishing with a 2-2 record. Our Senior Boys Soccer team also won their Mid-island league and are entering the North Island tournament as the #1 seed.  

Our Girls Volleyball teams have also impressed to date. Our development teams have actually been thrown into competition with “A” teams from other high schools and more than held their own.  Our Junior A Girls team has improved each weekend and is going into the Mid-island tournament as the #1 seed in the division with hopes of qualifying for Islands and maybe even provincials. Our Senior Girls have been competing with some of the top teams from across the province and getting better each week. The girls earned Silver in the Brentwood Invitational where their only loss was to the #1 ranked 4A team from Belmont. The girls are competing at the ISA tournament as we go to press and will be gearing up for playoffs in the weeks ahead.   

Our Cross Country team has also ramped up their competitive season this year and we had more athletes competing at Islands than ever before and Keaton H & Madison H both qualified for the provincial championships in Kamloops next week.  

In rugby, our Grade 9s have shown remarkable improvement and are starting to hold their own against some of the top programs in BC. Mr Smith and Mr Langer are very pleased with how hard this group has worked and how well they are coming together.

Finally, while it is not their competitive season, our rowers have been quite busy and recently returned from the National Rowing Championships in Burnaby BC where our athletes showed very well and some went on to compete at the Canada Cup the following day.  Kate LW competed for the Team BC U21 team that placed second overall.  Phil K rowed in the men’s eight representing Team Alberta who placed third, while Peter L and Lion T were in a gold medal winning quad that was coached by Brentwood’s Mrs Amiel.  While the rowing season is still a ways off, the coaches are certainly excited for the season to come!


November promises to be an equally exciting month as our Senior Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball teams all head into playoffs.

Go Brentwood!    

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