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Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - By: Charlie C, Rogers ‘16

A Deutschland-themed event was hosted last week by Brentwood’s Lion T, Privett ‘17. The celebration, dubbed The German Dinner, featured a wide variety of famed ethnic dishes to commemorate German Unity Day on Saturday, Oct. 3.

The aforementioned observance celebrates the day the Berlin Wall fell and took Communism down with it, forever reuniting East and West Germany. Lion, with the diligent assistance of the Student Activities Council, gathered German students from all over the school in a unification of their own. Lion expressed enthusiastic confidence in how well the event was managed, asserting that “everyone who participated in putting together the dinner did a great job. We hope to have provided our fellow students with a tasty supper as well as to have positively influenced Germany’s reputation in Canada.” 

Despite the fact that not every German was able to take part in the setup, all were able to at least attend and experience the Brentwood Kitchen Staff’s take on German cooking. Louis K, one of such German students, stated that “the curry could have improved, but the schnitzel was very good.” He described the dinner overall as “very, very good.” From his comments and the level of commitment typical of the SAC that one would infer that the dinner was an overall success. 

That success could perhaps best be summed up by Lion T: “We took on the challenge to share the foods we grew up with, and we did so with German efficiency.”

Charlie C, Rogers ‘16

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