Oak Bay High British Parliamentary Pizza Debate

Friday, November 15, 2019 - By: Mr Neil Bryant, Debate Coach

To the casual observer, high school debate is a seemingly random cacophony of bellicose bluster and interruption; however, there are actually about 10 styles of debate that pervade Canadian debate tournaments.
On November 12, 14 Brentwood students had the chance to experience the Fuller British Parliamentary style debate, a four vs four standoff that includes a perfusion of formal interrupters: Points of Personal Privilege (Mr Speaker – the Honourable Member has not referred to me by my appropriate title); Points of Information (Mr Speaker – is the member on side opposite aware that the US employs its military forces on foreign soil only as a last resort?); and Points of Order, (Mr Speaker – I believe I am in my 30 seconds protected time from any questions down the bench).
The resolution was THBT (This House Believes That) Housing should be included as a right under the Canadian Charter and it proved to be a pithy one. Students from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the ‘round 1-pizza and visiting-round 2’, format before heading back over the Malahat, their heads ringing with ideas about what “security of the person” means in a Constitutional context.
Mr Neil Bryant, Debate Coach

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