Number One Inspection

Friday, November 08, 2019 - By: Ray R, Privett ‘20

Every Saturday morning, there is a refreshing time for every student: Number One Inspection! Every single room in the house is inspected by two Grade 12s and a duty master. Sometimes there is even a guest inspector like Mr Patel or an alumni of the house.

On Saturday mornings, the start of classes is pushed back to get a longer time to clean up the room. Number One Inspection is also when every student has to wear our school blazer as well as deeply clean up their room. Everyone has to vacuum the entire floor, dust corner to corner, and fold their clothes.
Number One Inspection starts at 9:30 when the bell rings and one of the 12s yells “Inspection!” Then the examination starts. The inspector goes into the room and shakes hands with the students then checks the floor, from the edge of the wall and top of dresser. If there is some trash, they fail. If there is some dust, they fail. Students don't want to fail, so they clean up their room as well as they can. It is a good way to keep rooms, and the house, clean.

Will M, Privett ‘20 says “Number One Inspection is a great way to start the new week. It not only cleans your room, but it gives you a sense of a ‘reset’ if you have had a bad week.” Bright A, Privett ‘21 says “Number One Inspections are a good way to instill values into students because without these skill sets they wouldn’t be able to adjust properly to an independent life.”

Number One Inspection is a good opportunity to clean up rooms and keep the house tidy and it builds good habits for the students which will help them later on in their lives.

Ray R, Privett ‘20

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