November’s Midterm Break

Sunday, November 20, 2022 - By: Taiyo T, Whitall ‘23

As we approach the end of the first term of our 22-23 school year, the Brentwood community is back from a long-anticipated Midterm Break relaxed and recharged for the final month of first term. For the hardworking students and staff of Brentwood, these breaks are crucial to our wellness and health to give us time to step out from the incredibly busy schedule throughout the school year. This means getting good sleep, spending time with friends and family as well opportunities to prepare or catch up with any outstanding schoolwork. For teachers such as Mr Toby Collis Handford, it means “enjoying time outside the classroom by playing as many sports as possible”. We all value time off for one reason or another!

Students choose to study at Brentwood from all over the world. Some live right on campus, but for others, their home may be on the other side of the globe. Many International students transitioning into a boarding school so far from home may face challenges planning for these short breaks. To help, the school often offers trips - like the dance trip to New York last week.

From my personal experience, I can say that the Brentwood community has been so generous and supportive of students like me who face these challenges. Youki I, Whittall ‘23, from Japan, also shares his message of gratitude: “I am extremely thankful for the support I have received from local families who have graciously welcomed me into their homes over these breaks. I cannot express how much these acts of kindness mean to us when we can’t go home to see our family.”

This type of hospitality is exactly what the Brentwood family is all about - supporting one another which makes the Brentwood experience so special. Being far from our family can be tough sometimes. However, I am still enjoying every moment of studying abroad thanks to the kindness of our community. A message from me to all the international students: I encourage every one of you to be open about your circumstances to your peers. It can be difficult sometimes to ask your friends for a place to stay over breaks. However, I guarantee that this community will do everything it can to make you feel at home and support you with your challenges. Just make sure to thank them for their kindness and hospitality.

Taiyo T, Whitall ‘23

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