Nothing but Net!

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘19

The first few weeks of school have been packed with interhouse action. Fun and Games, Eco-Challenge, Track and Field and this past weekend, Basketball. Just hours after the spectacular new Foote Centre was unveiled, the students packed in and unleashed waves of energy. Participants in the event were motivated and came out of the gate blazing. 

Games started at 7:30 and were played until 9:30. A total of 12 games were played and hundreds of students were involved. In the Girls tournament, Alex House prevailed over Mackenzie as the number one seed. The Ellis Juniors won in a buzzer beater walk off over Whittall as Jamie T, Ellis ’20 drained the winning shot with a second left securing the junior title. Finally, the Rogers seniors battled hard and won an intense game over Ellis securing the senior title. 

All houses were competitive and put in great effort so a huge congratulations to all of those who played. Also, a big thank you to Mr Gage, Mr Sullivan, M. Warner, Ms Napier, Ms Hall, the interhouse captains, and the rest of the staff who helped put on this amazing event. The student body is excited to know the final results and is already hard at work preparing for the next event.

Haden U, Ellis ‘19

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