No Rest for Brentwood Volleyball

Monday, November 22, 2021 - By: Sophie H, Mack ‘23

While the rest of the school headed off for a restful break, the Brentwood Volleyball team geared up for a big couple of weeks ahead. Postponing our break for two days, we competed in North Islands last weekend. There we earned a position to compete starting Friday in Victoria at Islands at St Michaels University School where we hope to secure a spot at Provincials. In order to prepare for a tireless next few weeks, for our weekly Tuesday Color Day, we took our sleeping attire to the court, with a pajama-themed practice.

Each Tuesday the team has a little fun and shows some spirit by having Color Day which is when the whole team dresses up in a particular color or theme usually chosen by our Captain, Jocelyn L, Mack ‘22. She thinks Color Day is “A great time to show some spirit, have a little fun, and switch things up from wearing Brentwood gear all the time.” This fun practice is a vibrant and exciting way to get the team pumped up for the big week of practices and games that follows.

For our most recent hue du jour we enjoyed pajamas. This required a little more coordination and planning than just rolling out of bed or throwing on a purple t-shirt, but as the volleyball season wraps up and the number of color days are numbered, the team went all out - even the coaches participated! For Pajama Day, Coach Fougner showed off her moose pajamas while Coach Manton strutted in her stylish slippers. Ms Manton reflected that, “We look forward to our spirit days on Tuesdays because it adds a new energy to the practice and creates memories that go beyond volleyball and brings the team together.”

The team took a photo at the end of practice to show off their outfits. Brentwood spirit is never forgotten either as a number of girls were seen wearing their Brentwood pajama shorts. This weekend, with Islands coming up, is a big one for the team, but after a fun practice with lots of spirit we are fired up and ready to go!  

Sophie H, Mack ‘23

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