No Power Shortage on Sr. Girls’ Volleyball Team

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - By: tessa.m
Brentwood Senior Girls Volleyball rank Number One.

This past weekend the Senior A girls' volleyball team headed up island to Kwalicum secondary to compete in the North Island Championships. Brentwood was ahead 21-9 during their first game against Gulf Islands until part way through, when they suffered a sudden loss of power. Insufficient rest? Poor nutrition? Dehydration? No, not the power hitters…the electricity.

All the teams sat in the gym for over an hour waiting to see what was going to happen; there was no way they could play on a half lit court. The coaches met and decided to keep Brentwood ranked 1st and Highlands ranked 2nd in the North Island.
All the other teams had to play off for the final seed on Saturday while the Brentwood girls got to travel back to the school on Friday. The team had a high intensity practice Saturday morning to make up for the missed competition. As the #1 seed from the North Island, Brentwood is very excited to compete this weekend at Woodlands in the Island Championships; hoping to perform well and earn a spot at the provincials.

Tessa M, Captain

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