No Lunch, Just Brunch!

Sunday, October 27, 2019 - By: Lynn W, Allard ‘20

Sunday brunch is one of the long lasting legacies existing in Brentwood College School. Brentwood is often known for the ocean view and the great tripartite program, however, in most students’ minds, the most crucial part of the school is the luxurious brunch. According to Charlotte C, Alexandra ‘20, “If it wasn’t for brunch, I wouldn’t be here.” It is such an essential part of Brentwood life that even the Head of School, Mr. Patel, uses it as a method to keep track of time.

Joyful laughter and soft chatter often fills Crooks Hall on a sunny Sunday morning. The brunch starts at ten and ends at noon, which is the perfect timing for both the early birds and night owls to enjoy a hearty meal. It also allows families and friends to gather together to enjoy the delicious food. “It is the time of the week when you don’t experience the stress of Brentwood life” said Sabrina H, Allard ‘20.   

As you enter Crooks Hall, you’ll see tens and hundreds of varieties of food from baked sweets to savory food. Some classic items available are pancakes, fruits, brownies, cakes, cookies, pastries, eggs benedict, sausages, bacon, and so much more. There are even gluten-free and vegetarian options; this ensures that everyone can enjoy the delicious brunch. It often takes students at least ten minutes to look over the different varieties of food and choose their favorites.

On different occasions, the food services staff will prepare special treats. For example, for Kindness Week, they were able to prepare different “pink” desserts to bring up the festiveness. Moreover, each week the chefs try their best to come up with new ideas to fulfill the hungry stomachs and picky students. One of the recent student favorites is the DIY hotpot. People are able to be the chef and customize their own hotpot bowl by cooking their own noodles, proteins, and vegetables. According to one of the kitchen staff, “Last week, around 200 portions of the DIY hotpot were made.”

This special treat is not possible without all the hardworking staff. They not only feed the students on a daily basis, but they also try to go above and beyond to fulfill all the hungry stomachs and discerning palates. Next time, when you see a Brentwood food services staff member, remember to show your appreciation for their hard work by simply giving them a big smile or a “Thank you.”

Lynn W, Allard ‘20

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