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Friday, November 03, 2017 - By: Grace L, Allard ‘18; Photo by Brent Lee

I have to admit, there were a couple nights before coming to Brentwood where I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, trying to ease my anxiety. Even for someone like me who should be used to traveling and changing schools (I’ve switched schools about10 times so far in my life since my family is always moving) the thought of moving to a different school was just as frightening as attending elementary school for the first time as a six-year-old. 

My old friends comforted me by saying things along the lines of “You’ll make friends so quickly” and “Before you know it you’ll forget about us”. I laughed nervously and tried not to let my thoughts cross the border and wander into the terrifying future that lay ahead of me.

A few days into the school year, I realized that my friends were ultimately right about my quick settling down into this new life. During the new student orientation that took place before the start of classes or the arrival of the veteran students, I almost effortlessly became friends with some girls in my residence, Allard House. Immediately we began eating meals together, sharing stories about our lives before coming to Brentwood. The bonding activities also allowed me to get to know some boys in my brother house, Rogers.

Going to school six days a week might sound exhausting to some, but I find myself enjoying it more than the five-day schedule I followed growing up. Since our academic classes end at 1:15 the schooldays feel a lot less draining. We have sports or arts in the afternoon, and during my spare blocks I can go to a coffee shop with my friends, catch up with work, or simply nap in my bedroom. The six-day-a-week schedule makes going to school more like a lifestyle. 

Another piece of Brentwood that makes it a unique lifestyle is that a lot of my teachers live on the campus with me: this means I have the privilege of seeking help from certain teachers before major tests. Seeing my teachers walk around with their pets and children make them seem more like friendly neighbours than intimidating adults who only assign us homework. As I ate turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner in early October, I genuinely felt as though I was celebrating the occasion with my close family.

Our ocean-front campus is on Mill Bay which has the most breathtaking views. My friends and I often sit on the grass after dinner and chat until the sun starts to set, gently tinting the clouds orange and red. It is at those times that I realize I have truly come to a place perfect for me: a school where I can challenge myself in athletics, arts and studies, in the company of a diverse and incredibly accepting group of friends and supportive teachers.

Grace L, Allard ‘18

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