My Windermere Cup Floweth Over

Thursday, May 12, 2016 - By: Brooke M, Alex ‘16, Josie S, Alex ‘16 & Alex R, Privett ‘16; Photo Brian Carr

Last Friday morning, a small group of rowers, 5 girls and 5 boys, rose approximately 15 minutes earlier than normal at the crisp hour of 5 am and piled drowsily onto the compact bus for what was to be a short but exciting adventure. The Opening Day Regatta/Windermere Cup is hosted annually at The University of Washington. This year was the 30th anniversary of the regatta and there were no disappointments.


At Brentwood Regatta last weekend, we qualified the girls coxed quad and the boys coxed four to participate in the 2k race. Brentwood Regatta had prepared the rowers for a hard race, but not much could prepare them for the heightening experience that Windermere Cup offered, something they soon discovered for themselves.


From the Montlake Bridge in Seattle, thousands of spectators watched as numerous racing shells battled it out down The Cut. For the two Brentwood crews, the experience of racing through the jubilant university atmosphere amongst high level crews was a memorable one. The first 1200 metres of the race follows two even lines of yachts (it’s the official opening day of the yachting season) and the final 800 metres create an indescribable race. Surrounded by not only screams of support, but also UW cheerleaders, other boats, and even the entire UW marching band, it was impossible for the athletes not to race their hardest. The girls, in the end, came away with a secure second place, and the boys a respectable third. 


After racing, we were able to wait in the cove and watch as the rest of the races finished, and cheer on our favourites including the victorious UW Varsity Men’s Eight coxed by Riley Milne, Whittall ‘14. Once the final crews had dragged their bodies across the finish line, all of the shells paraded back towards the university, which elicited further cheering, music and happiness.  


Racing wasn’t the only thrill for the rowers, as they enjoyed eventful travels with surprisingly few disruptions. Coaches Brian Carr and Debbie Sage accompanied the small team on this adventure (huge thanks to them), graciously putting up with the appetite and noise that comes with a rowing road trip. It’s safe to say the weekend was a success, and yet another stepping stone towards the CSSRA Rowing Championships in St. Catharine, Ontario in June.


For more photos, check out the Brentwood College School Rowing page on facebook (OR @briancarr62 on instagram) :) 


Brooke M, Alex ‘16, Josie S, Alex ‘16 & Alex R,  Privett ‘16

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