My Apologies

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 - By: Bud Patel

At this time of year with so many special gatherings and celebrations with family and friends, I want to apologize.

Let me explain.

During our final assembly on December 16th, we shared a moment that can’t be captured by words, recorded sounds, or video. In a world of frequently shared YouTube clips and trending #hashtags, what took place at 11:20am, December 16, 2015 is not easily explained.  It was raw energy and emotion.

In a world of instant gratification; 15 minutes of fame; where popularity is measured in the currency of “likes”; and Google Glasses; increased popularity of on-line learning and homeschooling, the moment shared by the 500+ Killy Theatre throng was intimate, was community and will linger  – and for that, I do apologise. To our marketing team that wished they were prepared with HD cameras – I do apologise. For the staff that could not make it to assembly that day – I do apologise. For parents and Old Brentonians that would like us to stream these types of events – I do apologise. I take full responsibility for keeping the content that perhaps became a surprise gift to our students – for that, I do not apologise.

In life, we must greet these moments with all of our senses - unencumbered but iPhones and SnapChat.  11:20am, December 16, 2015 is now etched in the hard–drives of our minds. It lives in "the cloud" of our memories to be recalled whenever we think of our school.

In a twenty minute span, we not only summarized a term’s worth of work but demonstrated the power of the Brentwood experience. These twenty minutes moved us to tears and lifted us on our journey home.

As most of you weren’t there to share in this occasion – for that, I am very sorry.

To get a flavour of those twenty minutes, we provide links to:

My very best wishes to you and your family during the holiday season.

De Manu In Manum,


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