Music to the ears

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 -

Okay, big news! My daughters listen to different music than I do!

Yes, Hip Hop seems to be the order of the day at our house when they are home. It follows them everywhere. I get it. I was young once. They have to carve their own path.

Walk through any of the Brentwood boarding houses and you will actually hear a variety of music. It always makes me smile that music from the 60’s and 70’s still get some airtime – usually in the boys’ houses. The boys for the most part, however, are pretty locked into the post-grunge era. To be sure, hip hop and rap rule in 2010. This is true to a certain extent in the girls’ houses but they tend to be a little more eclectic in their tastes. There will be smatterings from all generations but there will also be much more of a variety of styles. It is interesting from a sociological point of view that it seems this way every year.

As an adult, one of the great things about working in a boarding school (and there are many) is that it is hard to get old here. The majority of people you hang around with every day are teenagers. They never get older! Every year, no matter how many years you work here, the majority of your community will always be teens! It keeps you mentally young and it keeps you connected to what is really important; after all, everyone should know that Drake is Canadian and that that Lil Wayne should be released in November!

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