Music-Mania - A Concert for A Winter's Eve

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - By: Robbie S, Privett ‘15; Photos by Joe K, Whittall '16

The lights dimmed. The Brentwood faithful came to feast on another array of talent for what promised to be a Winters Eve’s Concert that would be nothing short of mesmerizing. Frosty flurries flooded the Brentwood campus on this sublime occasion, banishing a dismal cold that would soon be drowned by the masquerade of warm smiles safeguarding the doors of the T. Gil Bunch Theare. 

Proceedings opened with an elaborate display of modern dance by Sally S, Alex '15, and was followed by a performance of equaled measure as young Oliver W, Privett '18 strode onto the stage -- and by doing so -- commenced his Brentwood stage career with an emphatic bang. Overheard lights flashed from blue to an autumn red in the wake of the choir. The limelight was then passed to a modest Liam B, Ellis '16 who soothed the captivated gathering with a melancholic melody utilizing his weapon of choice -- the piano – to deliver a sunrise. 

Hank W, Privett '15 was on point with his breakneck solo on the violin. Privetteers dotted the highlights of the show, as another boy in blue, Aaron H, Privett '15 dazzled onlookers with his ping-pong electric strung fingers. Voices echoed and riveted. Shannyn O, Allard ‘15 pilfered the audiences’ hearts with her song. 

The guns of musical excellence were then silenced for the intermission. 

Then, was it Memphis? Or was it the ensnaring voice of Faryn B, Hope '15 that incited the crowd into a frenzy of envy? The latter was the verdict. Following additional exhibits of brilliance by the rock band, spearhead by an immaculate Darshen S, Ellis '15, the hotly anticipated Jazz band supplanted they're miscellaneous critics with a stalwart dosage of festive cheer enhanced by a twist of jazz-fueled flair. 

Among the falling 3D flakes, Jaclyn C, Alex, '16 took us on a walk through a far-off winter wonderland. Time after time, moments of stardust beauty seem to encapsulate the theatre to the rafters, moments as absolute as the look on Mr. Phil Newn's face when Holly CH, Hope ‘17, put microphone to mouth, or moments as sentimental as when the advanced dance team drifted into a symphony of organized chaos. With the conclusion of such a magnificent event, came the first check mark on all of our Holiday lists. 

A special thanks is to be passed on to the back-stage posse, the staff, and, of course, the performers. 

Season’s greetings and feasting to all. 

Robbie S, Privett ‘15

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