Musers in the Cathedral

Monday, November 15, 2010 -

All 55 members of the Grade 9 class, led by Mr. MacLean, Mr. Cowie and Mr. Sullivan, visited St. Andrews and Christ Church Cathedrals in Victoria to experience, firsthand, the architecture of these buildings. Mr. MacLean commented that his Grade 9s are “like terriers in their pursuit of knowledge, especially on field trips.” Although energetic Grade 9s in solemn cathedrals may seem incongruous, the reflections of the following students give voice to the power of this experience:

“In both St. Andrews and Christ Church Cathedrals, several interior pillars were built to support the churches' heavy stone walls, yet in St. Andrews these pillars were not erected just for structural reasons: the tops of the columns were carved in a leafy Roman style and varnished in gold leaf. In Christ Church, the pillars merged into plain pointed arches, devoid of any embellishments.” Pascal B

“One thing we remember about the churches we visited is the stained glass. These windows depict the stories and characters of the Bible. On our trip to Victoria, we learned about some of these stories, and the depictions in stained glass allowed us to focus our imaginations on the vibrant characters within the frames.” Liam K

“As I walked into the cathedrals, there were clear differences in the mood and the comfort of the buildings. I liked Christ Church because it had a mystic feeling that brought comfort, and I was inspired. It was a great experience visiting these magnificent churches. I felt inspired.” Tom C

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