MUN Under Covid

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - By: Sean R, Privett ‘21

The United Nations is an international organization that holds large committee sessions comprised of delegates representing their respective countries in order to discuss global issues in the framework of multilateralism.

Model United Nations (often abbreviated to MUN) is basically that, but with students representing world powers in a simulation that develops their understanding of foreign policy and global governance. Brentwood provides the opportunity to delve into the world of global governance through its prestigious program that develops students’ agility of thought, public speaking skills, diplomacy, research, and so much more. The MUN students at Brentwood often distinguish themselves both at the school and at off-campus conferences.

Brentwood has been renowned in the MUN world as one of Vancouver Island’s most formidable teams due to the consistency of achievement attained by its students. The team’s success is not limited to just the Island, however, as large conferences on the mainland often see Brentwood students at the top of the awards list.

The annual Vancouver Model United Nations conference is the largest student-organized MUN in North America and has frequently recognized the Brentwood team with awards for our team’s excellence in speaking, background research, and resolution drafting. Even during the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, the students in our program have found ways to discuss, propose, and compromise on global issues by attending online conferences, a testament to the dedication and determination that embodies the course.

As the current Captain of the MUN program, I am confident about the future of the Brentwood team as I know not even a pandemic can keep them from thinking and voicing their opinions. The world needs avid thinkers willing to make things happen, and I believe the MUN program at Brentwood helps foster the newest policymakers of the world.

Sean R, Privett ‘21

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