Multitudinous Monologues

Thursday, May 31, 2018 - By: Ash M, Mackenzie ‘20

Students slowly made their way into the old caf as the day was coming to an end. They gathered around the tables on Friday, May 11th to start what would be a long discussion on monologues and character building. Some of the class was absent but this did not stop Mr Howe when it came to reading monologues.

Mr Howe, the senior acting teacher, had previously encouraged the students to go out into the Mill Bay community and interview people. The class also did the same thing on the Brentwood campus. He wanted us to ask the people about their life and how they are affected by Brentwood College School. With those interviews, we were asked to create monologues. He wanted the students to explore every possible aspect of living in Mill Bay, whether it be from a student’s point of view, a staff’s or even someone living outside of Brentwood. He wanted to create something similar to Working, a musical based on a collection of stories of people and their work. He thought that if we created monologues that we could put them together and form a script similar to that of Working. 

Hayden U, Ellis ‘19, wrote a monologue in which his character talked about not wanting to be at Brentwood. His character seemed very pessimistic about life, and talked about not wanting to die from an asthma attack because a bigger kid had sat on him for too long. Phoebe H, Hope ‘19, based her character’s monologue on Ms Widenmaier, how she used to be a nun, and her time as a young adult. The reading of the monologues continued. Ash M, Mackenzie ‘20, based their character off someone they had interviewed the previous week. The character complained that she didn’t like signing in at the cafeteria, and how she believed that there was a lack of communications between the staff. 

Mr Howe was very interested in all of the monologues and ushered us to continue to perfect them. Then, with all the monologues in hand, Mr Howe thanked the class for finally having their work handed in on time and excused them for dinner - and be sure to sign in. 

Ash M, Mackenzie ‘20 

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