Multicultural Celebration in Duncan

Wednesday, November 09, 2011 - By: fang.sun
Brentwood International students participate in multicultural celebration in Duncan BC

Learning at Brentwood is not limited to the classroom. Students from our advanced Mandarin class participated in the Walk of the Nation annual event and the Cowichan Intercultural Society’s thirtieth birthday celebration in Duncan this past week. At this local community multi-cultural celebration, they shared Chinese songs and wisdom and experienced the traditions of other cultures.


在 Brentwood 学校学习不只局限在课堂里。 高级中文班的学生们在上星期参加了本地
Walk of the Nation 每年一度的盛会加上 Cowichan 多元文化中心成立三十周年大庆。在这次庆祝活动中,学生们献唱了中、英文歌曲,并且观摩了其他多个国家和地区的传统文化。

Mrs. Fang Sun

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