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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - By: By Sarah K, Jonathan H, Joey H, Georgia K & Alex K
Brentwood College Attends Model UN in Vancouver

The success of this year's Vancouver Model UN conference was threatened on many fronts, yet the combination of botched registrations, hacking 'flu, SAT season, wild weather, cancelled ferries, dais bias, and the imagined menace of albino cannibals were no match for the preparation, perseverance, enthusiasm and diplomatic dominance of the Brentwood delegation. Tackling topics ranging from child soldiers, women's rights, biological terrorism, to a future conflict between Chinese and American cabinets, our delegation returned to the Island a day late, but two awards the richer. Even though only 0.8% of the 740 delegates were from Brentwood, we garnered 10% of the major awards.

From day one, the wheels of the humanitarian committee gained traction as Joey H, an ironic champion representing Saudi Arabia, fought for the traditional "rights" of women. But the full velocity of Joey's wheels was not exposed until the Saturday night social. 

Georgia K, representing the United States of America, proved to be a beacon of luminous light and honeyed hope on the World Health Organization, thwarting threats of bio-terrorism. Sarah K and Alex K, working on opposing sides of a nuclear crisis, managed to turn brinksmanship into peace, despite invasions, stealth bombers, and the dispute over bases in Djibouti. Although Scott 'smoothie' McT had to leave early to win Showcase Hockey, his efforts as the Ivory Coast delegate brought solidarity and cohesion to the African Union. His morbid fear of robots and inability to remember names were happily eclipsed by his diplomatic prowess. 

In the Disarmament and International Security Committee, the newly dubbed "Jon Connor" (Jonathan) settled in to a group with "Too many Syrias, not enough serious." Despite many difficulties with the Lebanese delegate proposing discussions on pointless topics, he managed to be quite productive, sponsoring two of the three resolutions that were passed.

A small but mighty team, two of our six delegates won the award of Most Outstanding Delegate in their committee: Joey H in the humanitarian committee and Alex K in the Joint Crisis Committee. The weekend was capped by an unexpected but highly enjoyable layover at the Sandman Hotel where we waited out the wicked winter storm that held the ferries in their ports. Another highly successful VMUN has come and gone, and for many of us, it is our last. We pass the diplomatic torch.

By Sarah K, Jonathan H, Joey H, Georgia K & Alex K 

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