Ms Scheck of Mack House

Thursday, April 29, 2021 - By: Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

Each Thursday night I’ve had at Brentwood has included Ms Scheck and her bright yellow crocs.

When not at the school, she enjoys spending time with her husband and seven year-old daughter, biking, hiking, and staying active. Since 2012, Mack House has been lucky enough to have Ms Scheck as an advisor and duty staff. She stated “It has been a highlight of my career here as I adore all of the individuals in the house and get to meet so many incredible people from all over the world. They bring joy to the house and the energy they have is very uplifting.”
Her first year at Brentwood began in 2003, when she started coaching the Senior Girls Volleyball team. After taking a year off, she returned in 2005 to coach the Junior A team and from there kept building her roles. When asked what she loves most about the Brentwood community she replied, “The people! Everyone is so friendly, caring and helpful. The work environment is incredible as it never feels like ‘work’. I feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy what I do every day and give back to the students.” Currently she works in Mackenzie House, coaches volleyball, strength and conditioning, weight training, works with the sport rehabilitation program, and does athletic administration duties.
Ms Sheck was born and raised in Invermere, British Columbia and lived there until her family moved to Prince George partway through her grade eleven year. After highschool, she began her post-secondary education at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. After finding her way out of general studies she attended the University of Victoria and majored in Kinesiology. After completing her degree, she worked at various jobs including as a rehabilitation coordinator at a brain injury recovery centre where she met Ms Ramsay, her lifelong friend.
Through her life experiences, she has learned to always be gracious: “You do not need to know everything when you first start out in a job or a career. Learning on the job and from a mentor is how it’s done. It is ok to ask for help if you feel lost.”

Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

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