Ms Madlen Anderson - Low-post Toughness in a Gentle Soul

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - By: Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

It has been said, time and time again, that “Brentwood could not run without our Brentwood Faculty Assistants (BFAs)” and Ms Madlen (Maddy) Anderson, Alex House grad is living proof of this.

I first met Ms Anderson this summer as we worked a few shifts together at True Grain - a bakery in Cowichan Bay - a job for which I was most likely underqualified, and Ms Anderson was certainly overqualified.

We came to spend more time together over the past five months, where I’ve had the pleasure of training (with the Senior Girls basketball team) under Ms Napier, Ms Toporowski, and, you guessed it, Ms Anderson.

As a Brentwood student, she immersed herself in the Brentwood community, participating in the “pops orchestra, varsity volleyball, basketball, and soccer.”  Despite having an already overflowing plate of tripartite commitments, Ms A wishes she had also “taken advantage of the sailing club when it was still around.”

After graduating, she spent time studying History and French at the Faculté Saint-Jean, the University of Alberta’s francophone campus. Combining this experience with an EU passport allowed her to spend a few years working in France.  

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, her hobbies scream “West Coast”. In her spare time, Ms Anderson enjoys listening to and creating music, as well as immersing herself in the breath-taking nature that surrounds our campus - and town - on trail runs and hikes.

When the sad day comes that Ms Anderson’s time at Brentwood comes to an end, she hopes to complete a “post-degree teacher education program” which will perhaps lead to her dream job of being a music teacher.

Ms A is a kind, calm and gentle soul, who could also likely beat the majority of the Sr Boys Basketball team in a 1v1. “Over the past few years, I often found myself in teacher-like roles” - including her time working in France. “The BFA position at Brentwood was a unique opportunity to explore and deepen my understanding of what education is all about” she adds.

While she was not planning on coming back to Brentwood when she graduated, she shared that “Brentwood’s supportive and hardworking community had a huge impact on my life. I’m inspired by the people here and their commitment to the youth who come here. I love seeing students thrive in the program.”

Family is also a big part of Ms Anderson’s life. She is proud of the positive, healthy and honest relationship she has with hers. We are lucky to be able to have her as a big part of our Brentwood family too!

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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