Mr Rodrigues is King

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - By: Luca H, Privett, 12

Privett House has been blessed with the presence of Mr Rick Rodrigues and his family since 2003. Mr Rodrigues, affectionately known as RJ, started off as an Assistant Houseparent in Privett until 2005. Since then he was moved to Thursday duty and moved back into the house in 2010. RJ is also Head of University Counselling and a physics teacher. Ian VL, Privett ‘21 explains RJ’s Privett duty nights as “Lots of fun. Very energetic nights.”

The boys always look forward to Thursday nights with RJ on duty. He sometimes brings out his dog, Jack, who is a four-year-old chocolate lab. The dog is very friendly with all the boys and staff and is a part of the house. Jack is always making sure the boys are on task, but he usually looks for lost food in Mark and Liam's messy room. RJ explains his nights on duty as “never boring, and my son, Edward loves coming to hang out with the boys”. Unfortunately, Edward, 11, cannot come out to play with the boys due to ongoing Covid-19 mitigation strategies.

RJ has had many “interesting experiences” as he calls it, during his nights in Privett. When it comes to dealing with stuff on fire or to making sure there isn't a boy running around outside, he sure has his plate full in Privett. The boys like to think of RJ as an uncle in the house as we are all a family. We know we can count on RJ with everything.  

Mr Rodrigues is part of Privett and when you join Privett you join a big family of boys and teachers and Mr Rodrigues is certainly a big member in that family. Privett loves him with all our hearts. I know for certain that when I graduate I will miss him a lot.

If you want to see Mr Rodrigues in his performing glory (he is also an excellent singer and actor) he plays the role of Pharaoh/Elvis in the school’s musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat broadcast for the Brentwood community at 7:30 PM PT on Thursday, Feb.25

Luca H, Privett, 12

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