Mr. Patel’s Favourites

Saturday, August 25, 2018 - By: Jensa NG ‘23

I have been at Brentwood for as long as I can remember: my parents worked at Brentwood for six years before I was even born. I have enjoyed everything about Brentwood for the last twelve years and I'm not even a student yet, but here are a few things I have learned. 

There is absolutely no need to be nervous about this upcoming year. I promise, Brentwood will greet you with open arms. 

I played for the junior girls basketball team this winter; it was a blast getting to know the older girls that might be my house captain or my big sister next year, but I have to say that my favourite part has got to be the snacks we got when we went to tournaments. Honestly can you think of a better post-game snack than Oreos and Sun Chips?

Speaking of food, I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Milward and his trusty sidekicks of the Food Services Staff for the nutritious and DELICIOUS meals they prepare three times a day for 550 famished students.

In the Grade Eight classroom Mrs Patel might be in charge, and sure Mr Patel is king of the school, but we all know PJ (their dog) is the real boss when it comes to the Patel household. 

Ms Ramundi has a way of making everything she teaches fun and enjoyable from the exciting science experiments to her great sense of humor. The grade eights are always happy to know that they have math or science next block. 

Anyway, as long as you have a hard shell for all of Mr Patel’s jokes at our expense (even though we grade eights are his favourites), you'll be fine.    

Jensa NG ‘23 

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