Mr Garry Hughes - RFA, Advisor, Instructor, Friend.

Sunday, February 21, 2021 - By: Damien B, Privett ‘21

In my time at Brentwood, I’ve known a few of the Resident Faculty Assistants quite well. They are always very interesting, responsible, and relatable, bringing out the best in those they interact with. Mr Garry Hughes is no exception to this, as he has been an absolute pleasure to have around Brentwood - and Privett House - since he joined last fall.

I’m sure I speak for all of Privett and those who have met Mr Hughes when I say he has been a blessing to have around campus. Graciously allowing us to call him by his first name, Garry presents himself as a kind and experienced man, with tons of stories and experiences to share. Obviously, he deserves and is given a level of respect that staff at Brentwood share. Nevertheless, it often feels like we are speaking to not a fellow student but someone who understands us more than other, older adults around campus might.
In addition to being approachable, Garry is a skilled climber. Along with Ms Wagstaff and Mr Griffiths, he runs the climbing gym on sports afternoons in his bright orange pants. Even when having a busy day or suffering the lingering effects of a concussion, he is always very patient and helpful. His athleticism and experience allow him to push us climbers to our limits and put us at the top of a podium we hadn’t even considered.
Unfortunately, Garry will be leaving Brentwood shortly before the March Break. As he announced this in our Advisor meeting last week, his words were met with loud and sorrowful objections: “How could you leave us at a time like this?” Markus M exclaimed. Garry explained that he hs been offered a position that he felt made more sense for his goals - as Head of Boarding - at another BC independent school. We understood. Mark L said, when asked about Garry, “I’m going to miss him a lot. I don’t know who’s going to be able to replace him.”

Garry will be sorely missed, and his amazing affability and positive attitude will be forever remembered as a highlight of my Brentwood experience.

Damien B, Privett ‘21

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