More Than a Workout

Monday, June 15, 2020 - By: Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

Brentwood Athletics stands by the importance of being physically active, especially during these tough times. The sports afternoons Active Living workouts encouraged the Brentwood community to maintain good health and well being. Workouts were led by our power duo of Ms Scheck and Ms Ostopovich and were designed to accommodate every fitness level - even some of Brentwood’s finest staff members.

If you participated in any of the Active Living workouts, you would know that there is a new guest every Thursday. In all honesty, it is quite entertaining to see who Ms O’s next workout victim is and give us a good laugh. We have seen our Head of School, Head Prefect, RFA’s and House Parents, House Captains and most recently, the Robinson / Cheung family.

A crowd favourite was definitely the Ellis House Parent duo of Mr Wismer and Mr Barrett. They took us through a Brentwood themed workout with exercises that featured some of the school’s jargon. Things like “The Wacky Wismer Wild Child” or “The Sullivan Squat,” which is “how Mr Sullivan gets those nice calves” according to Mr Wismer. What is more, we learned how to get a “Rockin six-pack like Mr Rodrigues” with “The Rodrigues Roll-Up”. And do not forget this was a full-body workout so we, of course, had some “Barrett Butt Busters”. This workout was full of sound effects and laughter!

Last Thursday we saw the Mackenzie House Parents, Ms Cheung & Mr Robinson and, along with their two children, Jayden and Kai, they led us through a partner-designed workout. This was certainly a fun way to power through an AMRAP while seeing both your science and social studies teachers dominate several burpees.

We also enjoyed yoga led by Ms Murray as well as Alex House’s Ms Hall & Mr Langer who impressed us with their workout duet finale.

Stay healthy, Brentwood!

Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

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