Monster Erg 2018

Tuesday, February 06, 2018 - By: Emma H, Allard ‘18; Photo by Brian Carr

Another rainy day in Mill Bay was turned around to be an exciting and sweat-filled day for 32 rowers who headed down to UVIC for the 33rd annual Monster Erg on Saturday, February 3rd. 

With strenuous but beneficial warm-ups for the Brentwood team, the mood was set with the coxswain crawl. For the women's category we had one coxswain compete, Emma H Allard ‘18, and for the men's we had one coxswain, Henry W, Privett ‘20, both against university coxies. Next up the Jr Women and Jr Men raced their individual race of 2000 meters. In the Junior Women's category Claire S, Allard ‘21 placed second by 0.1 of a second. “I may not have placed where I wanted but competing at Monster Erg helped me see where I am compared to everyone else.” Said Shaelyn L Allard ‘21. With impressive results from both categories the athletes and coaches were able to walk away pleased. 

After those two events it was time for the Senior Men and Women of the Brentwood Rowing program to show off what all that indoor training has proved. For the Senior Men Logan P, Ellis ‘18, Riley T, Rogers ’18, Jacob P, Whittall ’18, Benett L, Privett ’18 and Oliver W, Privett ‘18 finished top 5 of their category. “I am beyond happy I PB’d but the training doesn't end here” said Logan P. For the Senior Women, Allulah-Beth C, Alex ‘19 placed third in her category. 

Six days a week of erging, water training, and weights paid off for these athletes. As some were disappointed with their results, others were impressed. The coaches were happy to have another benchmark on how everyone is doing. It was a fun and physically tiring day for the athletes and a mentally tiring day for the coaches, as well as a good chance to see a few Brentwood grads and a good adventure away from school. 

Many of these athletes look forward to the first regatta of the season on March 3rd hosted by UVIC, the Elk Lake Spring Regatta. 

Emma H, Allard ‘18 

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