Monday Munchies in Privett

Monday, April 05, 2021 - By: Luca H, Privett ‘21

Since 1999, Mr Ganley has been doing duty nights in Privett. Back in 2015, he decided that the boys needed a little brightening up from the Monday moods so he started baking cookies for the house during prep. He tries to use locally sourced ingredients for his cookies which include ultra-fresh eggs from his backyard hens. Usually one of the boys in the house bakes with Mr Ganley to help with the 60+ large cookies.
This week Leo K ‘22 and Alexander F ‘24 were the student bakers. Leo describes his baking experience as “a good chance to make some fresh cookies for my brothers in the house”. Who helps with the cookies depends on who is available during prep and has a lighter prep load that evening. Baking with Mr Ganley is also an opportunity to get to know how to use a kitchen for when we go off to the real world.

“I really do enjoy the baking, and the boys are very appreciative of the fresh snack around 8:30. I’d like to say our thanks to the many boys over the years who have volunteered to serve the house in this way: Juaquin set a very high standard early on which has been followed by Marc, Luca & and Bright in recent years. Long may this tradition last” commented Mr G.

Mr Ganley likes to bring different ingredients from time to time to change up the cookies. Recently he started putting oats in the cookies to add a healthy twist. We ran out of oats and chocolate chips two weeks ago so the boys baking decided to use what was available - rice krispies and M&M’s - so the cookies had a very interesting twist that evening.

Everyone really appreciates Mr Ganley in the house and especially the care he puts into every boy, making sure we are on task and that we are doing well. The cookies help bring up everyone's mood on a Monday. Hanno F ‘21, a rugby forward of distinguished tastes, says “Without the cookies Mr Ganley bakes, I wouldn't be able to make it through the week.”

Luca H, Privett ‘21

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