Mocking the Law in Victoria

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - By: Maggi B, Hope ‘19

Last Saturday, a group of eager debaters headed down to Victoria in celebrations of  BC Law Day to participate in the annual Victoria Mock Trials. Two teams of eight, our coaches, and some observers spent the day in the Victoria Courthouses where we acted as lawyers and witnesses in a case where a taxi driver had been charged with assault. 

The day featured strong debate and multiple arguments from both the defense and the crown which was a reward for the participants after the weeks of work they had spent preparing and practicing their cases. The case was monitored and judged by real Justices who were able to give the participants valuable feedback when the trials were over. As many of the debaters wish to pursue careers in law, the experience was beneficial and eye-opening.

Teams of intelligent students from both the Island and the Mainland gathered together, making for tough competition. Both teams did very well in their rounds, but were unable to make it to the finals. Despite not winning any awards, all members of the Brentwood teams performed extremely well and gained experience that cannot be matched in any other way. Having the chance to use real-life legal skills such as case analysis and cross examination was valuable for those hoping to pursue careers in law and other fields. The day was successful and a great opportunity for our Brentwood debate team. 

Maggi B, Hope ‘19

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