Midterm Speed

Thursday, November 07, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ’21

Over the course of the fall midterm break, eight Brentwood students traveled to Abbotsford to compete at the BC Cross Country Provincial Championships.

On the morning of November 2nd, Peyton H, Avik B, Tommy M, Suzanna G, Will M, Callum BC, Jack NG and Keaton H, along with Mr Skardal and Mrs Day Reynolds met in Greater Vancouver to begin their transition from break mode to grit and joy mode.

The grit began straight away, with young Peyton H, ‘24, one of the few 8th graders from the Island at this event, in a race to be proud of. She finished 23rd out of all of the girls in her grade while running a blinding time of 16:55 over 4km.

On the Junior Boys side, Tommy M and Avik B, both Privett ‘23, were happy with their races, running an average time of roughly 16:20 over the 4km course. In a competition of nearly 300 athletes, the two boys did very well, especially considering it was their first “run through”.

Suzanna G, Allard ‘20 was the only Brentwood Senior Girl to take part in the event. She finished 72nd in the province out of the 221 senior women participating. Suzanna covered the 5km course in 21:28, a positive time given the tough terrain, and steep hill climbs.

And finally, the Senior Boys brought the joy. All the boys finished in the top third of the 260 runners in the event. Callum ran a time of 19:10, Will 18:36, and Jack 17:40. Keaton H came up huge for Brentwood, nominating himself the second fastest cross country runner in all of British Columbia. From the start, Keaton was in it to win it, and ended up finishing with a time of 15:58, a personal best for Keaton on a course of this length.

Well done to all the runners for a fantastic end to a formidable season. Best of luck to multi-sport athletes Will M, Callum BC, Jack NG, Tommy M, and Avik B who got one day of rest before competing in the Island Championships with the Senior Boys Soccer team, looking for a ticket to provincials.

Jack NG, Ellis ’21

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