Midterm Break

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 -

mid·term/ˈmidˌtərm/Noun 1. The middle of a period of office, a pregnancy, or an academic term.

While Midterm elections in the United States may garner a great deal of attention and have undeniably important political consequences, and though midterm pregnancies may cause anxiety for a new parents-to-be, midterm breaks at Brentwood cause something very different: shivers of anticipation and gratitude!  Students know all too well that soon they can be on mountains that are bulging with newly fallen snow, or lying on tropical beaches topping up on much needed vitamin D3.  They will be hanging out with friends, going to the movies, and… omg!…. shopping!   Most students are keen to simply head home to sleep.  Long, uninterrupted sleep!

For those students who live too far away to return home during the 6-day break, Brentwood offers a fantastic ski/snowboarding trip to the interior of British Columbia; as well, many students take advantage of our New York City tour of the theatres and cultural centers.

Midterm break at Brentwood signifies to all that the longest, coldest, hardest part of the school year is over.  Soon the Spring Break will appear on the horizon; even thinking of this causes a smile!

I salute you, oft underappreciated February Midterm!  You charge our batteries and rejuvenate our spirit.

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