Midterm Break: Big White Ski Trip

Thursday, March 12, 2020 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘21

During the midterm break of the second term, many students went on the Big White Ski Trip. The trip is a great way to engage your love of skiing or snowboarding.

The six-day trip started early in the morning when the group left for the Victoria airport to catch a flight to Kelowna. From there it was a 1.5-hour drive to the winter paradise. Once there, the students and teachers moved into their rooms in the Inn at Big White; then many left for night skiing after a dinner together with the group.

This was followed by four days of skiing and snowboarding all day, where we experienced a true Canadian winter dream. Even if the weather was not always good, there was always good snow and, of course, the most important thing: powder.

Especially for international students, it was a unique opportunity to ski in one of the best ski areas in Canada, so the percentage of non-Canadian students on this trip was very high.

After five nights at Big White, the group left for the airport and flew to Victoria to be back at school in the evening.

‘’I really enjoyed the trip. I am from Germany and found it very interesting and exciting to ski in Canada, as it is a very different experience than in the Alps’’ offered Marina S, Allard ‘22, reflecting on the trip.

I can confirm this, as I am also German and I really enjoyed the experience of skiing in Canada. It was a very well-organized trip, and it was a lot of fun to ski in Canada.

We have a very big thank you to Mr. Lee, who was responsible for organizing. We also have to thank the teachers who travelled along with us: Mrs. Burton, Mr. Burton, Ms. Ostopovich and Ms. Sokoloski.

Ben H, Privett ‘21

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