Mid-Term Break!

Friday, October 22, 2010 -

There are certain markers throughout the year that are highly anticipated.  None more than the first long break of the year – the fall mid-term break.  Although only 6 days, it does allow our students to fly home, visit friends and, more importantly, sleep-in!

For our new students, this is a fantastic time to sit back and realize that they have done it!  They have survived the hardest part of the year.  From the first few days of Orientation to the inevitably stressful period of adjusting to the routines and pace of our Brentwood programmes, it has been a time of adrenaline and emotion.  It is time to realize that they are now fully a part of the Brentwood community.  They are Brentonians!

For the returning students, they know the importance of these breaks.  At Brentwood we work hard and we benefit from frequent and long breaks.  They look forward, with great anticipation, to milking each and every hour of their unstructured holiday time.  Visiting friends and loved ones is terribly important, but simply being static and allowing mind and body to absorb the impact of the new friends that they have made and to share these stories with others is vital.

Well done Brentwood!   This has been an amazing start to the year.   Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it.

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