Mid-Term Break Rowing Camp

Sunday, May 27, 2018 - By: Callum BC, Privett ‘20; Brian Carr, Whittall ‘80

47 athletes attended the three day rowing camp during mid-term break to complete their final preparations before they travel to Ontario for the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association Championships early Tuesday morning. After three days of rest, the rowers returned to school full of energy, ready to develop and improve their crews. These athletes were put to the test completing nine high intensity practices on the water over the course of 48 hours. 

Ms Biesenthal, our Head of Rowing, centralized the idea that we will not be able to get these practices back and must take advantage of each and every practice. As a boathouse, we set individual and boat goals to work on over the course of the camp. The Junior Boys 8+ worked on improving their hand levels and developing rhythm through ratio and power per stroke. All crews showed vast improvement each time they launched off the docks, coming off the water exhausted, yet satisfied. Each practice varied with a different focus. The first day the crews worked on starts and finishes, working on achieving the highest rate possible to maximize their speed potential. The second day, all boats raced against each other striving for the highest gold medal standard percentage, creating a healthy competitive environment pushing each other to be faster. “Despite all the pain and suffering we go through, the bonds and friendships we create in our boats allow us to feed off of each other, driving us to push harder every practise” Jude P, Privett ‘20 three seat of the Junior Boys 8+ recalls after his last practise of the camp, before crashing on the sofa in Ellis common room to make up for lost sleep. 

The early mornings and grueling pieces on the water take their toll on the athletes testing not only their physical strength but also their mental capacity. Hopefully we see some of our crews take the podium next week at Nationals after a full year of build up. We wish our athletes the best of luck and congratulate them for their efforts at the camp and over the course of the year.

Callum BC, Privett ‘20; Brian Carr, Whittall ‘80

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