Mess With The Bull: You Get The Horns

Thursday, June 08, 2017 - By: Robbie K, Whittall ‘19

Last Thursday we fifty nine brothers of Whittall House proudly presented our house heritage to an assembly of attentive students. Preparations happened during prep on the nights leading up to our special event. 

The boys, led by House Captain Andrew W, Whittall ‘17, our fearless leader, and helped by Peter L, Kavi G, and Xander A, examined the glory and the hard times of Whittall. “We have a long and great history of winning” observed Andrew. 

We were also reminded of the old days before Whittall burned to the ground in 1979 in the midst of the thirty years that Mr. Queen was our Housemaster. We also remembered the years of Mr Felix, and Mr Gage, our current house parent. 

We then reminded everyone of our five interhouse victories in the past ten years and ended the presentation by belting out our version of Katy Perry’s Firework.

Whittall forever.

Robbie K, Whittall ‘19

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