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Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - By: Will P, Whittall ‘22

You may see these mysterious individuals in the halls. You may see them up on stage at assembly. You may have seen their video last Thursday and thought to yourself, “Wow, these are some weird people.” But do you really know them? Not until now. This is your 2021-22 Student Executive Council, and boy, they are quite the group.

Let’s start with the House Captains: our fearless leaders, tasked with by far the hardest job of all: controlling a 70-odd group of teenagers.

Whittall’s House Captain, Cam M, is the fourth in his family to be a House Captain at Brentwood. While leadership is certainly in his genes, so is the ability to grow facial hair, as he can currently be seen sporting one of the finest mustaches on campus as one of the leaders of Brentwood’s Movember initiative.

Cam’s sister-house counterpart, Justine C, is a rock for her Alex House girls. With her unmatched energy, Justine is a bright light on campus, although for some reason, Mr Patel thinks her name is ‘Jezebel.’

Both on the ice and in the house, Ellis House Captain, Trekker J, is a leader in every sense of the word. His quiet guidance in the house does not always match his ruthless aggression as a hockey player, but either way, he is a role model for all those around him.

Along with being a resident of Salt Spring Island, Rory P also shares her gingerness with our loveable Head Prefect, although she refers to it as ‘strawberry blonde.’ As Mackenzie House Captain, Rory is a caring and positive leader who is always available for support.

Although Steven G is certainly 100% Rogers, he is much more than just a House Captain. As Captain of Advanced Rock Band, Steven is a true Renaissance man who is beloved by his house for his unique humour and relentless positivity.

Lucid dreaming aficionado Gabi C is the only member of the group who was a new student at Brentwood in Grade 11. In her short time here, she has already made her mark on the school as a TEDx speaker and leader of the Allard mermaids.

No one better embodies the word ‘athlete’ than Nathan O who holds sole possession of the highest vertical leap on campus. He may be fighting through some injury problems at the moment, but when he’s in his prime athletic form, no one can compete with the Privett House Captain.

Although one of the school’s fiercest debaters, Hope House Captain Lisa M is a kind, calm leader for her dragonflies. Lisa applied to be House Captain “in order to give back to the place that has been my home for the past three years” and says she is “lucky to be able to give back to a house with such a unique sense of family.”

Now we are on to the black sheep of the group. Loved dearly, but often cast aside, the clubs play a crucial role on campus, and they are proudly led by five very different people.

Harbalneet N, Rogers ‘22, this year’s BEAT Captain, better known as “Harb”, is a cult hero at Brentwood. The only member of the SEC (that I know of) with their own fan club, Harb is an iconic figure here at Brentwood.         

Grad Class President Philip A, Rogers ‘22, is certainly what would be described as a gentle giant. Known primarily for his assembly intros, consisting of phrases such as “What’s good, Brentwood?” and “What’s popping, Brentwood?” Philip is the calm, collected figure who has been tasked with leading the class of 2022.

In slight contrast to Philip is Emily N, Allard ‘22, who is approximately half the height of the former. Regardless of her size, Emily’s heart is what shines through, and as B-Well Captain, she has already made huge strides, evidenced by the very successful Wellness Conference which took place last week.

Anna D, Allard ‘22, and her cool, collected bearing, is in perfect contrast to Ms Ramsay and her fiery demeanor, making her the perfect fit for SAC Captain. Whether it is grinding away in one of her many AP classes or serenading the school community on stage, Anna is all in here at Brentwood, and has channeled that commitment to the school with several amazing events to start the year.

OMNI (Open-Minded Non-Discriminatory Individuals) Captain Eric E, Mack ’22, is a one-of-a-kind personality on campus, with their unparalleled sense of humour and trademark snort-laugh. Eric was excited for the opportunity to be OMNI Captain this year to continue the progression of a group that has become increasingly important on campus, saying, “OMNI differs from your separated GSA or BIPOC club by bringing everyone together in an open-minded, non-discriminatory community. Our goal is to educate, support, and destigmatize to create a better and more open community for all.”

Now we have the self-proclaimed top dogs: the three Assistant Head Prefects and their benevolent leader.

Between her poems, songs, and performances, Robin C, Alex ‘22’s imprint can be seen all over the school, and as Assistant Head Prefect for Arts, she certainly fits the bill. Robin will once again be playing a major role in the Musical and Senior Play this year, adding to her impressive list of artistic achievements over her four years at Brentwood.  

If there is an athletic event going on at Brentwood, there is a high probability that Jocelyn L, Mack ‘22, is front and center. One of Brentwood’s rare three-sport athletes, our Assistant Head Prefect for Athletics dominates the field and the court with ferocity, which is in striking contrast to her soft-spoken demeanor.

And finally, Jacob. What is there to say? He’s smart. He sings. He’s an athlete. He’s ginger. He’s a little bit weird. He’s everything that a Brentwood student strives to be, and we love him for that. He embodies this peculiar group and exactly what makes them so great.

As Assistant Head Prefect for Academics, I am extremely lucky to be a part of this group. Every Wednesday, I am excited to meet with this unique family and share my ideas with them, and I am looking forward to continuing to share many more memories with them as we hopefully continue to serve the school in the best way that we can.

This year is already going by so quickly, so don’t forget to stop and thank these individuals for all they do to serve this school and this community.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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