McMaster is the Master

Monday, February 02, 2015 - By: Damian M, Privett ‘15

Although many were drawn to the Kerry Park arena last Saturday night in hopes of a glorious victory against St. George’s, the true greatness was shown in the Brentwood Development Intrasquad Pre-Showcase Showcase Cup. 

All of the players in the Brentwood hockey program who did not suits up for the Saville Challenge Cup were divided into two teams: one captained by Damian M and the other by Tom W, Jordan R, and Daniel H. Yes, three captains. These two teams took to the ice in what would be a game for the ages thanks to stellar play.


The game was a 4-3 win for Team McMaster. Possibly two of greatest goals in hockey history came from Ethan S and Tom W. Ethan’s came from a stellar deflection off of his leg completely throwing off goalie Thomas Bell and resulting in one of the best redirects the game has ever seen. Tom’s goal came from an end-to-end dangle fest in which at least three opponents had to have their ankles checked for torn ligaments. Blake C even managed to score three (one into his own goal) completing the elusive hat-trick.

With the loss to Brentwood, Brentwood displayed its frustration after the handshake with a few short-lived scraps that were quickly broken up by the refs. The jovial combatants were oblivious to the other players who were trying to give their sticks to girls in the stands. Despite all of the commotion, this new tradition was certainly an inaugural success.

Damian M, Privett ‘15  

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