Mastering the Monster Erg

Thursday, February 07, 2019 - By: Skye M, ‘23; Photo by Brian Carr

On Sunday the rowing team skipped brunch and headed to UVIC for  the Monster Erg. With a motivated mindset, the rowers hopped onto the bus. On our way down we all got surprised by a few snow flurries, but when we arrived it was all go. As we headed into the gym, team spirit and nervousness filled the air. 

Wearing yellow ribbons in memory of Mr. Wood, we were very proud. He was a big part of the Brentwood family and the Brentwood rowing program, as a student, coach and parent, for many years, but he recently died of cancer. Now we were all ready to compete. Bridget B and I were up first. Happily we placed first in the Girls U15 category. 

As the day went on, Zoe M finished first in the Junior A Girls final with Allulah-Beth C coming a close second. Many others got their personal bests. But most importantly, everyone had a go (HAG) and a fun time. Other great results included the following:

3rd - Nate P

Top 5 - Thomas L, Max H & Yannick H

Top 10 - Marc S, Dylan K, Olin D, Tanner, Solveig C, Shae L, Karl D, Axel E, Yale H & Keeva O.

This day was full of many achievements. It would not have been possible if it was not for Mr. Carr, Mrs. Biesenthal, Mrs. Sage, Ms Tarrant, Mr Braithwaite and Mr. Ganley. Thank you so much much for everyone involved. We’re looking forward to next year. 

Skye M, ‘23

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