Master Class for Performing Artists

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - By: Maya V, Mack ‘20

Last Wednesday, Dr. Kinza Tyrrell, who is the principal repetiteur for Vancouver Opera and a sessional instructor at UVIC, and Evelyn delaHaye, who is a working soprano and voice teacher, came across the Salish Sea to visit our school. They held a Master Class and invited some of our top performing artists to sing or play a piece of music they are working on in front of a small audience of peers.

Dr. Kinza and Ms delaHaye then helped these students work on the interplay of skills between spoken and sung words in text, particularly in repeated phrases and how to make them more artful. “It was really interesting to hear different instruction from a new teacher who was also very experienced” observed Quin N, Alex ‘20.

Some of the students that presented their piece were Evie and Kinza, Gemma S, Ashley C & Quin N while Ben R played the piano and Kennedy M delivered five minutes of a persuasive speech she is working on for the International Speech Competition in Boston in October. "The masterclass provided participants with a greater understanding of the importance of contrasting repeated phrases, whether they be in spoken or sung word" reflected Ben R, Ellis ‘19.

Our students learned a lot from their vocal class and now are able to use this advice to further their pursuit of either singing, playing the piano, or public speaking.

Maya V, Mack ‘20   

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